Family business has grown into a fair, sustainable and quality-driven brand that focuses on slow fashion, mulessing-free or recyclable materials and true freedom when conquering new terrains. Everything Thermowave produces is created
using generation-to-generation craftsmanship principles and true feeling of adventure.

Happy sheep don’t itch

Premium merino wool comes from sheep raised on ethical sustainable farms that practice low-stress stock handing.

At Thermowave we only use mulesing-free wool.

To guarantee sustainable and responsible production, we built our manufacturing cycle on long-term contracts with experienced and trustworthy wool growers.

All merino wool comes from Australia and New Zealand, while other wool is grown exclusively on European farms.

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Our Ambassadors

They inspire us to climb the mountains, catch the highest waves, and teach us how to survive in the wild, even in the harshest conditions. This is the inspiration we gather from our product-wearing ambassadors.

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Our supply chain: 0 KM POLICY

At Thermowave we are passionate about sustaining ethical standarts and have adopted a „zero-kilometre“ policy which allows us to have full control of our supply chain processes.

From Yarn to finished product, all our products takes place here in Europe, in Lithuania. We have our own knitting, dyeing, sewing, packing and and warehousing facilities ensuring long-lasting quality in a trasparent and sustainable way.

Woolyarn – sourced from ethical and responsible farms in Australia and New Zealand.

Knitting – we have our own knitting facilities in Lithuania, with almost a century-old craftmanship tradition.

Garment construction – our designers oversee the work of the tailors, ensuring both the quality of the product and the conditions for the workers.

Ambassadors – all of our products are tested out in the wilderness by our ambassadors. Due to a tight supply chain, we are able to make changes according to the feedback.

Made by happy people

We proudly employ over 100 talented seamstresses, each one a caring, skilled professional with a great passion for clothing. This finishing touch provides a special something that no machine could ever replicate.

Our factory is located in Lithuania, Europe and follows EU and Lithuanian lawensuring a fair wage, comfortable working hours and superb working conditions.

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How we do business means the world to us. We weave respect and integrity into all of our business and design decisions, and we refuse to compromise when it comes to how we treat people and tread on the planet. Below is a list of certifications and memberships we and our partners are currently using.

Unique brand story dating back to 1928.

Thermowave’s brand story is extraordinary and filled with passion, everlasting dedication as well as highly developed values dating back to the very first days of its operation.


In 1928, moved by a mutual aim to finally be able to use their knowledge and mastery in creating quality production, two brothers built a business, which then had only 2 sewing machines and 2 seamstresses.
During the time they were managing the company, the two founders developed very difficult and demanding manufacturing processes, which have been preserved and learned by the following leaders of the company along with their teams.


In 1985, the aim was to exceed customers’ expectations and it brought the company’s engineers into cooperation with cosmonauts and resulted in the development of natural, non-flammable wool and cotton fabrics, which were used in a number of space missions. The innovative apparel helped cosmonauts cope with a variety of extreme temperatures in outer space.


In 1987, the courage to discover new areas helped the company join forces with the Lithuanian Textile Institute and resulted in the creation of special wool and polyester blend fabric base layers for submarine divers. With the help of thick, watertight suits, divers were provided with physical and thermal protection. Warm fabric undergarments trapped the air underneath the suit, and inner water tubes warmed divers while diving in the depth of 200 meters.


In 1989, the decision to become market leaders inspired the company’s professionals to establish one of the first double-faced fabrics, which featured polyester near the skin and wool outside. Despite the possibility of being rejected and misunderstood, the company took the risk and successfully brought huge value and innovation in the niche of functional clothing apparel.


Since 2013, the year the company was passed on to Audrius Pocius from the former longtime leaders of the company, his mother and her business partner, Thermowave has been improving a lot to meet modern day expectations. It has been applying the extraordinary craftsmanship knowledge more to the outdoor apparel market and has been perfecting the standards of its products in order to satisfy the ever-changing customer demands. It has also developed environmental responsibility and strong social values, which now lie at its core.


Our 2023 collection features 16 lines of thermal clothing, accessories, socks, and a second layer with functional solutions that have been developed and tested by ambassadors and athletes from various countries. At the heart of our family business lies a deep commitment to sustainability. That's why we're proud to say that around 70% of our collection is crafted from natural or recycled materials. In fact, we've gone even further by joining the EOCA organization and other sustainability initiatives. It's our way of giving back to the planet that inspires us every day.