Dear friend,

For centuries beekeeping has been an important part of a Lithuanian lifestyle. We have a word „bičiulis“ that translates as a friend that also does beekeeping. But that is not the reason Thermowave decided to venture into urban beekeeping. The bee population, that is crucial to the environment, is fastly going toward extinction. And we all have to do our part to stop this trajectory.  

As a proactive brand we tend to look for solutions and ways we can support values that are important for us. That is why this July 2 bright yellow bee-hives landed in our front yard. We are proud owners of 600 000 bees that are from Italy, and our beekeeper says they are very calm and  pleasant to work with.

Our bees fly around the Old Town area and visit Nemunas river banks. Given that Kaunas, where our facilities are located, is an incredibly green city, we are pretty sure that urban atmosphere fits our bees.

Many benefits come from Urban beekeeping. Firstly cities are less poluted by pesticides and full of necatare variaty, winters tend to be less harsh while bees help the flora of cities grow better, thus helping to level the CO2.

We say „Bee Cool“ and we mean it so this Christmas our gift to you is our own honey – enjoy the sweet and healthy gift!

A separate Thank you goes to our professional beekeeper Paulius Chockevičius from