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Wonder why you should choose Thermowave Merino wool?

Just check the benefits of our merino wool and make your decision.

Why Thermowave Merino?

Body Temperature Regulation. Thermowave base layer is like a personal 'air-conditioning' system for your body. Stay cool when the weather is hot, and warm when it‘s cold outside.

All-season insulation. Thermowave thermal clothing helps the body to maintain a stable temperature.

Ultimate breathability. The fact, that Thermowave merino wool can absorb an amazing 35% of its weight in water without giving the feeling humidity and quickly release it into the atmosphere, makes it the most breathable fabric. Your base layer will stay dry and comfortable whatever the environment.

Comfort fit. When you're comfortable, your body performs better.

Natural antibacterial protection. Merino Wool offers exceptional natural anti-bacterial properties, keeping all smells away!

Itch-free smoothness for sensitive skin. Super-fine, high quality, low micron Thermowave merino wool is ultrasoft bacteria inhibitor, which minimizes allergies.

Water Reppellant. Unlike any other fiber, base layer made from merino wool will keep you warm, without feeling damp or sweaty, even when it’s wet. It absorbs moisture both between the fibers and inside of them, providing dry feeling. In fact, it can absorb a massive 35% of its weight in water and still keep its warming properties.

Wind Resistant. It allows you to perform activities without feeling cold, damp or overheated.

Thermowave’s Easy Care. No need to wash Thermowave Merino wool base layer as often as other fabrics, partly due to its antibacterial and odor resistant properties. Our garments are machine washable and machine dryable.

UV protection. Thermowave Merino wool fabrics have a UPF of over 40. This is the equivalent of slathering your skin in chemical sun tan lotion - but without the chemicals.

Fire resistant. Our wool is also fire-resistant and flame-retardant making our thermal clothing a good choice around campfires. It does not melt or stick to your skin – so much safer than other fabrics.

Environmentally Friendly. Thermowave Merino wool garments come from natural resources - water, fresh air, sun, and grass. It regrows annually and is up to 100% biodegradable, plus no chemicals required.

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